“What are you guys trying out for?” “I think Kaitlinh and Angela are trying out for drum majors! I really want to be president.” I answered. As freshmen in the band, we knew there was no way we could compete with the sophomores, juniors, and seniors. But we found out there was a process in trying out for positions in leadership. We decided we wanted to try out this year for the experience, so we would know what to do when we tried out for those positions in the future. When we get older, we would learn from mistakes that we made in the past years.

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“Are you the only freshman trying out for president?” Brytney asked. I nodded. A lot of the freshman girls didn’t have the courage to sign up for something. They wanted to wait until after a couple years before they tried out. I on the other hand had wanted to be president ever since the beginning of band camp. I had really looked up to the president in the band, and I admired the responsibilities that they had gotten. But obviously, as a freshman, I wouldn’t be able to make it, but I would be able to gain the experience. Kaitlinh, Angela, and I really wanted to give motivation to the rest of the girls to try out for leadership.

“C’mon! You should try out for a position!” I encouraged Mai-Anh. “I don’t know. What if I mess up during auditions?” Mai-Anh said, worriedly. “You’ve got nothing to lose! We wouldn’t make it freshman year, but we will get the experience!” I replied. Mai-Anh shook her head. I sighed, giving up on the encouragement. She was the only freshman girl who decided not to try out for a position. The others were able to muster enough courage to at least sign up for one position, even if it was a minor one.

“Alright…” Mai-Anh said at last. “I want to try out for president.” “WOO!” Angela shouted. “Dude you would be the best president!” Everyone crowded around Mai-Anh after she announced her decision. I stood in the back, and smiled at her confidence. But a little part of me felt left out. Kaitlinh, Angela, and Brytney were all running for drum major, and we all supported each of them. But right now, it didn’t see like that was the case for the freshmen running for president.

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“Who are you voting for for president?” “Mai-Anh of course!” Angela answered. I gave a thumbs up, and turned around, a bit sad that she had no hesitation for that answer at all. “Wait!” Mai-Anh said. “What about Aria?” “Oh yeah! She’s running for president too!” Angela said. “How about half of us vote for May, and half of us vote for Aria?” “That’s a good idea!” I smiled. I shouldn’t be jealous of the attention towards Mai-Anh. I should feel happy for her. Not one of us are better than the other, and we were friends. We were still freshmen too, so none of us will be getting the position over the other juniors and seniors running for president. We were only doing this for experience. And later on, when we get older, we may be competing with each other, but we would still remain friends. The main purpose of the people in leadership positions is that the leaders can help benefit the large band, and not just themselves. This would allow all of us to create a work of art.


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