“I don’t know. I want to be more active this year! It’s my first year in high school, and I want an activity that can keep me fit. Band doesn’t seem like an athletic activity. And it doesn’t sound very fun either…” I replied to Abby. We were looking through the extracurricular activities that were provided by FVHS. Since both of us knew how to play band instruments, Abby suggested we try the Fountain Valley Royal Regiment marching band. “C’mon! I was told it was a really great activity!” Abby said. I thought about it for a minute. Well, band seems to be something good that I can put on my college applications. I sighed. “Alright. Hopefully I don’t regret this.”

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“Alright! First day of band camp of the FVRR. First thing you guys do!… is take a lap around the field. GO!” The rest of the band groaned while Abby and I looked at each other. “At least its athletic.” Abby whispered, and we ran after the rest of the band. “Ok good job guys! It’s time for lunch!” It was four hours of stretching, marching, and learning drill. First day wasn’t even over and Abby and I were already burnt out. “That was really tiring. And you thought it wasn’t athletic.” Abby joked, as we walked over to our backpacks. When we arrived, we saw three other freshmen girls sitting near the backpacks, eating their lunch. They looked up at us, and waved. Abby and I smiled. We didn’t have anywhere else to eat lunch, and we didn’t have a lot of friends in band. Hopefully, that would change soon. We walked over to the girls, and we started talking to them.

“Lunch is over! Back on the field!” The director called. My new friends and I stood up from our spot. We spent the whole half hour talking and laughing about first half of the day. “Band was a lot harder than I thought.” Kaitlinh said. The rest of us nodded. “You think we’ll survive? This is the first day. We have a whole school year in front of us.” Angela asked. “I don’t know. We might quit.” Kaitlinh answered. I sighed. This was really tiring. “Let’s not worry about the rest of the year right now. Let’s just focus on surviving the rest of today.” Abby laughed, and we ran back towards the field.

“Look. I know this is tiring for you guys. But once you guys get motivated, you’ll like marching band a lot.” Our director said, after the last three hours of band ended. Everyone was chugging water from their water bottles after a tiring day. We sat in the band room, listening to the director give us a motivating speech. After we dismissed us, the freshmen girls all met each other outside the band room. “Whew. We survived the first day.” Brytney said.

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“Hm. I really enjoyed today actually!” I said. Everyone looked at me in disbelief. “I mean, we made new friends, learned a lot of marching techniques, and a lot of upperclassmen were impressed by us.” I replied. “Yeah I agree. I don’t think I’ll be quitting. It was actually really fun! And we survived!” Everyone nodded, and started walking away from the band room. Just then, a sophomore guy walked out of the band room. He was part of my clarinet section, and I surprisingly talked to him a lot during practice, despite my shy personality. When we made eye contact, he smiled and and waved, before walking away. “OOOOOOh AriA.” Brytney exclaimed. I laughed, and the rest of the girls started to make fun of me. I wasn’t going to leave this band anytime soon. This was going to be a great season. A very interesting work of art.


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