“I have a couple friends in tennis. They practice after school a lot.” Ivy said. Eighth grade was about to come to an end, and my friends and I were talking about the new classes we would be taking next year in high school. “Hm.” I thought aloud, adjusting my earphones during the Skype call. There was Vanna, Ivy, and Shefali in the call along with me. “Here how about we decide on the smaller things first. Extracurriculars are kind of difficult to decide on the spot.” Vanna suggested. “What are you thinking for our math class?”

“Alright! So Accelerated Biology for science. That’s all our classes! Now we just have to choose our extracurricular.” I said. There was a huge list of what we could be interested in. There were so many sports and clubs that were available in Fountain Valley High School. As we discussed what we thought would be fun to do together, we made a list that narrowed down the wide variety. There was tennis, basketball, or volleyball. I thought for sure I would be choosing from one of those sports, and nothing else.

Volleyball,Football, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, Golf
L & C Scouts

“Abby! What classes are you choosing for next year?” I asked. Abby and I were at her house. We had just finished our homework, and we were just lounging around, talking. “I think I’m going to be doing FVRR.” She said. “FVRR? You mean band?” I asked. “Yeah! I can play flute pretty well! You can play clarinet too! You could join! You’re really good at clarinet.” She said. “Ahh I don’t know. I kinda want to do a sport next year. You know. Be fit.” I hesitated. “Hm. I think band is a physical activity too.” She suggested. “I’ll think about it.”

“Three days a week, about three hours after school.” A senior named Priyanka said to me and my friends. This was Shefali’s sister, and she was a part of the FVRR. “Wow! That’s a lot of commitment!” Ivy said. “Yeah! It’s a lot of work too. It really is worth it. There are so many benefits you can get from band. I am really glad I joined.” Priyanka responded. After she left with Shefali, we talked amongst our group again. “I don’t know. Band sounds difficult. And I can’t play an instrument. We won’t be together if we don’t do the same activity!” Wanna said. The rest of the group was a bit reluctant to the idea. However, Priyanka had gotten me thinking.

Sarah Wood

“I think I want to do band.” I said. “Really? Are you sure? What about the sports list we made?” Vanna asked. “I think FVRR is a really cool activity. I really want to do it. I made my decision.” I said through the mic of my earphones. I’ve heard so many things that came with band, such as honors credit, and just all and all a great experience. I would be able to make new friends, and challenge myself with this activity. Even as I was officially signing up for FVRR, I didn’t realize that joining the band would officially place me into a work of art.



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